Frequently Asked Questions

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Members will have access to the studio during operating hours. Member may reserve pottery wheels and studio time 20 hours/month. Each month a member will receive 25lbs of clay, Laguna B-mix with grog, Standard 225 or 112 speckled clay. Members may purchase an additional 25lbs during the month. Members will have access to 4 firings/month, glazes for bisqued pieces, studio tools, and may rent a locker to store their supplies securely.

These options may be purchase by buying credits, 1 credit = $1. Once you have a credit balance you may schedule time in the studio. These times are also available to our Monthly Members which allows them to reserve open studio time on the. wheel or working at the tables.

Members 18 years and older who are familiar with the equipment, pottery wheels, slab roller as well as the safe use of glazes and ceramic reagents. New members to pottery may schedule a quick safety demo before beginning a membership or class.

Tues 12-9pm, Wed 12-6pm, Thurs 12-9pm, Fri 12-6pm, Sat 11-5pm

We can schedule a 90 minute wheel class on most days. The only times that currently are not available are during other scheduled class times. If you wish to schedule a class or check on availability, please call the studio, 614-206-2925, and we can try to accommodate your schedule.

Pieces will be added to regular firings as long as they are made from one of the 3 studio clays, and must be labeled with an identifying mark on the bottom. Depending on workload, pieces may take 2-3 weeks to be fired. Members assume responsibility for their pieces and understand that there are circumstances with ceramics that may affect their finished pieces.